How can the art of sustainable management succeed in practice? The “SustainabilityDialogue” provides the necessary impetus. In a joint exchange – prepared in a practical, simple and understandable way – current sustainability issues can be rendered tangible for all.

What’s it all about?

The SustainabilityDialogue is the new regional network for exchanging information on sustainable business.

Every 4-6 weeks, interested companies meet online to learn and exchange information about the latest developments.

The focus is on the opportunities offered by sustainable management and how to implement them in everyday business. The content of the individual meetings is based on current participant needs. Thus, you will receive concrete support for your corporate sustainability management approach – from practice, for practice.

Programme 2/2021

The expert meetings always take place from 9 AM to 10:30 AM via MS Teams.

14.09.2021 Diversity
Impetus & discussion: Svea Gockel, Expert in Diversity Management
12.10.2021 Climate Management
Impetus & discussion: Dr Carolin Fornaçon, Climate Protection Manager at the District of Northeim & Dietmar Schwerdtfeger, Climate Protection Manager & Sustainability Consultant
23.11.2021 Sustainable innovations
Impetus & discussion: Dr Hans-Jürgen Buß, from the company Innovationszentrum Niedersachsen GmbH & Dieter Brauch from the company PILOSITH GmbH

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