planZ shoulders responsibility for your sustainability management, from A – Z.

What is external sustainability management?

Essentially, sustainability management describes the economic, ecological and social responsibility for proprietary business activities, including the supply chain. Sustainability thus also includes the sensible use of resources. In terms of sustainable management, external sustainability management means outsourcing issues to experienced experts. What is common practice today in matters of occupational safety or data protection, for example, is still in the developmental stage when concerning issues of sustainability; however, this is an efficient way to introduce sustainability management, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

“It is not enough to know, you also have to apply it. It’s not enough to want it, you have to do it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How does your company benefit from this?

By handing over sustainability management to planZ, you no longer need to worry about enquiries relating to sustainability. planZ manages your sustainability requirements from A – Z. In doing so, the following three task areas are scrutinised more closely in each case:

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    Determine where you stand on the issue of sustainability in your company

    Where do you stand in terms of sustainability management? What is already in place and where is there still potential for development? What are the most important tasks and greatest sources of leverage for your company and your industry to move forward in terms of sustainability? Together with you, planZ develops your roadmap for sustainable business management.

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    Answering all customer enquiries on the subject of sustainability

    Are you increasingly receiving enquiries from various stakeholders about sustainability? With external sustainability management by planZ, this will no longer be your issue in the future, because planZ processes extensive questionnaires such as, e. g. SEDEX, EcoVadis, Drive Sustainability for you. In addition, planZ prepares appointments or workshops for your stakeholders if required and presents your sustainability management.

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    Reporting & Communication

    Finally, it is important to inform your stakeholders transparently and regularly about your sustainability commitment and, above all, to keep your own employees in mind. Do your employees know the most important facts about the company’s sustainability management approach? What information is needed from customers, suppliers and business partners? How can this information be meaningfully determined and clearly compiled? planZ creates an appropriate plan that is tailored to your needs and accompanies you during implementation.

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