Your key to sustainable procurement.

What does sustainable procurement mean?

Sustainable procurement/responsible sourcing integrates different sustainability criteria into procurement processes and decisions, thereby contributing to minimising risks and securing your company’s future.

Why is sustainable procurement worthwhile for you?

Increasingly, purchasing criteria – such as quality, availability and price – are influenced by sustainability requirements. For example, due to climate change, various goods are becoming scarce, prices are rising and/or quality is declining. Social responsibility in globally networked supply chains and legal requirements for human rights due diligence are growing.
With your planZ, you can ensure the quality and availability of your products as well as a positive corporate image.

“The future is not a stroke of fate, but the consequence of the decisions we make today.”

Franz Alt

What does planZ offer you?

planZ formulates your guide for responsible and sustainable procurement in three steps:

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    Taking stock: what do your customers demand and where do your most important suppliers and partners stand in terms of sustainability standards?

    Together with you, we will make a clear inventory using our checklist: Where does your company stand in terms of responsible procurement and what exactly do you need for the future?

    • What are your most important procurement processes and which decisions have the greatest impact?
    • What do your strategically most important partners demand?
    • What is the sustainability management status of your suppliers, business partners and their supply chains in terms of sustainability?
    • What risks (hotspots) are there in your supply chains, and how are they to be assessed and then proactively managed?
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    Development of your individual guideline for sustainable procurement

    Based on this situational assessment, we develop your Responsible Sourcing Guideline individually and tailored to your needs, and then put it into practice. A partnership approach with your most important stakeholders is very important to us and, at the same time, a guarantee for successful implementation.

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    Communication & training for all relevant stakeholders (employees, suppliers & partners, customers)

    In the entire process of developing a new guideline, it is important to get your own company’s employees, suppliers, business partners and ultimately customers on board, to train them and to raise their awareness of the new principles for responsible procurement. This is the only way to achieve a cultural change towards sustainable purchasing processes and decisions.

    If required, planZ prepares training materials, as well as supplementary documents, e.g. a collection of frequently asked questions with corresponding answers (FAQs).

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