Our service offering for your sustainability requirements.

Do you want to tackle the issue of sustainability in your company?
Wonderful. We start your sustainability journey by taking a holistic look at

  • your company;
  • the external influencing factors, such as changing market requirements and legislation;
  • your diverse range of stakeholders: customers & consumers, financing partners, employees, suppliers & business partners, competitors, public institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), science & research, politics & legislators.

What awaits you?

What awaits you? Together with you, we go through our sustainability checklist in a setting characterised by mutual trust and record and structure your existing sustainability activities. We take a look at the aspects of sustainable corporate governance (strategy, target system, reporting & communication) as well as at the social, ecological and economic dimensions of sustainability with your relevant topics.

The good news right from the start: You are not starting from scratch!

Dimensions of sustainability. Figure: planZ

Here is an example of the possible topic areas for sustainability activities in your company. The three dimensions of sustainability – economic, social and environmental – are examined closely.

What is your benefit?

You get an excellent actual status for your sustainability management. How? By looking together at what strengths are already present and where there is untapped potential and future opportunities. This holistic situational assessment is the basis for the development of your sustainability strategy and all further measures.

Which standards does planZ follow and which tools are used?

planZ focuses on the globally recognised United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In Germany, these goals are also called the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. Which standards does planZ follow and which tools are used?

The core of the 17 goals is sustainable development in the areas of economy, social affairs and ecology. Specifically, this means:

  • Driving economic growth;
  • Reducing inequalities in living standards;
  • Establishing and advocating for equal opportunities;
  • Responsible resource management, i.e. Protecting and conserving ecosystems and strengthening their resilience.
17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Copyright © United Nations. All rights reserved.

“The future we want has to be invented first. Otherwise, we’ll get one we don’t want.”

Joseph Beuys

Our services at a glance

planZ handles all your sustainability management needs
planZ develops a strategy with you to shape your company's long-term future.
planZ develops your guide for responsible & sustainable procurement.
planZ supports you in your sustainability reporting and in communicating your sustainability management approach.

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